What is the aircraft you’re considering buying or selling actually worth? 由Anthony Kiossis主席,资产洞察力y any standard, an aircraft acquisition represents a ma­jor investment. But it is also a depreciating asset and, as such, its Residual Value (RV) is an important factor for anyone with a fi nancial interest in the aircraft, […]
作者:Anthony Kiossis主席,资产洞察力欧可能会考虑更换您的飞机。其资产质量将如何影响价值?资产质量通过考虑到从飞机涂料到乘客内部的条件来总结飞机的整体技术条件 - 同时主要关注飞机的维护状况。 […]
由Anthony Kiossis主席,资产洞察力Snake oil merchants in early America would travel from town to town and make impossible claims for their products. With music to draw them in, crowds formed as these unprinci­pled salesmen would lie to the assembly. Whatever malady an unsuspecting prospect might want to alleviate was said to be […]
由Anthony Kiossis主席,资产洞察力t’s been said that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and that can certainly hold true for aircraft. Regretta­bly, a nice-looking aircraft may be in worse mainte nance condition than an asset in serious need of repaint­ing, hence the need to objectively understand an aircraft’s Asset Quality. […]
Anthony Kiossis主席Asset Insight A Gulfstream G550犁过纳什维尔国际机场的Beechcraft King Air。这两架飞机将再次飞行,但事故进入日志将减少转售值。母鸡飞机维持任何形式的损害,必须考虑其对资产价值的影响。真实“值[…]
由Anthony Kiossis主席,资产洞察力rice and value are terms often used interchangeably to describe an aircraft’s worth. However, they actually have different meanings. Price is the monetary amount an aircraft buyer pays, while its value is the relative worth, utility and/or importance they place on that asset. Emotions can overcome logic during the […]
由Anthony Kiossis主席,资产洞察力Average life expectancy of a paint job is 7 years. Offer prices will adjust to compensate for repainting poor or oudated paint schemes. e occasionally receive telephone calls that start with (what we call) the famous 4 words: “This can’t be right.” The caller then proceeds to explain why […]
由Anthony Kiossis主席,资产洞察力 航空业中的AI应用通过基于所收集的数据预测维护问题来最大限度地减少飞机停机时间。 Rtapy Intelligence(AI)通常与能够模仿人类行为和某种程度的认知推理的机器人有关。确实,先进的机器人使用各种形式的AI,[…]
 作者:Anthony Kiossis主席,资产Insight Ach日,无数组织收集并传播与业务航空有关的大量数据点。挑战始终将这些数据转化为有用,可操作和及时的信息。虽然计算机可以在光速下处理无法估量的统计数据,但它们的分析能力必须智能地引导到[…]