South of Krabi, the province of Trang is something of a mid point, figuratively speaking, an up-and-coming tourism destination that has yet to achieve the status of Krabi or Phuket. It is also distinguished by offering both coastal and inland attractions.

With a coastline of nearly 200 km. and more than 46 offshore islands, Trang’s prime marine attractions are cruising the coastal waters, visiting such notable sights as Tham Morakot or Emerald Cave along with excellent opportunities for snorkelling and scuba-diving. Then, for a change of scenery, inland excursions are equally rewarding, with a lush and hilly landscape dotted with caves and waterfalls.

The area is also of considerable historical interest, most notable as the place where, in 1899, rubber trees were first introduced to Thailand and so began the cultivation of what has become one of the South’s major commodities. Currently less developed than other parts of the Andaman coast, Trang also retains much of its local character and so affords good insights into traditional southern lifestyles.

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